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2007 Mercedes-Benz C230

  • 2007 Mercedes-Benz C230

    Mercedes-Benz C230
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Confirmed check engine light is illuminated. Scanned vehicle. Received codes: 0814, 0856, 0810, D409, 062F, D40B, 0513, 9114, 9115, 911A, 9128, 913D, C1122, C1112, C1102, C1707, C1210, C1142, P1861, P2000, B1460, B1010, B120B, B1049, B1050, B1051, B1040, B1026, B1031, B1029, B01042, B01043, B01044, B01078, B01089, B010A1, B01065, B01090, B01091, 9062H/36962, 9001, 9061H/36961, 9060H/36960, 9066H/36966, 90D1, 90D7H/37079, 9024, 9035, P0410. Inspected secondary air system. No visual faults found. Performed bi-directional testing on secondary air pump. Pump does not activate. Tested power and ground signal from air pump relay. Pump is receiving signal. Recommend to start with Secondary air pump. Then re-test secondary air system for proper operation. According to the vehicle. Service B is past due. Receive information from customer when the last oil change and filter service was received.
    • Replaced secondary air pump. Performed bi-directional testing on pump. Pump currently operates. Cleared all codes in all modules.
    • While performing oil change on vehicle found the oil filter cap to be loose. Found all seals on the oil filter cap to be rock hard and has not been changed for a long time with oil changes that is required to be replaced with a new filter. Found the engine oil drain plug to not have a crush washer on plug. Cleaned engine areas of oil leaks. Installed engine oil dye into engine. Ran vehicle for 30 mins. No signs of dye at this time. Recommend vehicle return in 500 miles to re-inspect for oil leaks.
    • Change oil and oil filter. Check air filter and breather filter. Top off all fluid levels and set tire pressures. Preform basic Vehicle inspection OIL LEVEL WHEN CAR CAME IN ___1/2 QT LOW____
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